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“Sunday Sessions” CLUB NIGHT with Dar Disku, Moving Still, Disco Tehran and Nabihah Iqbal @ FIVE MILES

Five Miles, Tottenham
Sun 21st July 2019
18.00 - 11.00 

The next instalment of Glory To Sound's "Sunday Sessions" is going to be a dancing extravaganza, fuelled by the disco sounds of the Middle East!

Nabihah Iqbal will be joined by 3 very special guests for the evening's proceedings...

Dar Disku
‘Dar-Disku’ comes from the 1970s Egyptian pop culture magazine of the same name, translating directly as ‘home of the disco’. Dar Disku is a label celebrating music from across Arabia, encompassing all things pyschadelia, hip-hop and disco. They also explore sub-genres such as Dabke, Rai, ArabiDisco and more. Keen to act as more than just a record label, Dar Disku is a collective of creatives working collaboratively; a platform of visual artists, photographers and cinematographers using music as an introduction to a cultural conversation. Earlier this year, their release, ‘Dar Disku 011’ included a sample from a 60s Arabic-language song by Indonesian group Orkes Kelana Ria, as well as a track produced by Irish-Arab DJ, Moving Still.

Moving Still
Dublin-based producer and DJ, Moving Still, brings together parts of his Irish and Saudi heritage to produce his sounds. Having recently released his ‘With Oud’ EP, based on the nostalgic Arabic fragrance of his childhood, Moving Still’s sound blends Arab samples with lo-fi house, giving his music a unique identity.

Disco Tehran
Starting out throwing parties in New York to build a sense of community, Disco Tehran celebrate sounds from pre-revolution Iran. Persian pop, funk and disco are often played, but other regions and genres are also well-represented. The Iranian celebration ‘Nowruz’ was inspiration for the parties, as they provided founder, Arya Ghavamian, with a sense of connection and energy growing up. He, along with co-founder, Mani Nilchiani, wanted to bring this feeling to the people of New York, so beginning with small dinner-parties that grew into public events, Disco Tehran share memories of home through their music.